God Doesn’t Have a Political Party

And now a word regarding posts that imply or outright say that voting for Joe Biden or any political party tbh is voting for the party of Godlessness. Honey, wherever I am, God is with me.πŸ‘ Please stop trying to run the table with a one-size-fits-all form. I used to worry needlessly that I was not becoming the model Christian and then one day…I realized there is ONLY one model.

Now if you want to hear about my walk, I will gladly tell you and it is probably very similar to yours.
From the time I arrived in this world, I had family who prayed for me and taught me to pray.
I taught my own children about salvation and grace. We attended church, yes, but the most quality time was in discussion in the car going to school and going home. My kids could ask me anything, tell me anything. And it paid off for them and ultimately for me. No matter what, we love each other as Jesus taught us.
That car is where it cinched for me that I did not need to be in a brick and mortar building to fellowship, pray and just celebrate. God is where I am. Where my kids are. Always.
I have had seasons where I didn’t feel so close to God. Mainly because of my environment and by whom I was surrounded. When I see that someone’s eyes don’t match their words, I falter and get angry because even though I know that person is only human, I feel condescended to. When I realize I am someone’s “project” I falter and feel both sad and angry. Because… I have always known God, known Jesus. I am not sure why someone would infer that I don’t, except I don’t meet a human expectation somewhere. More importantly, regarding God, i try not to assume I am the expert because I am most decidedly not.
Before I started school, my grandmother taught me the Lord’s Prayer. Read and/or told me Bible stories. I remember hot summer nights after going to bed, she answered questions and prayed with us. I may have skipped Sundays and Wednesdays a little too often for some, but I know that My Redeemer lives.
This silly idea that one political party is more Godly than the other is…a little cultlike and scary and may I say, a little blasphemous. Us versus them? Where is THAT in Christ’s teachings?πŸ‘
Jesus was very, very clear about our purpose and instruction: Love the Lord fully and love your neighbor as yourself. Nowhere in those two things are exceptions. The Bible actually cautions against overstepping our purpose, infringing on another person’s walk with Christ. We can pray together, but overstepping, in my translation, includes trying to make people in OUR image. What WE expect is not important and should fall by the wayside. God is with us always. He knows our hearts. He is everywhere I am.
I choose to love Him first and also love my neighbors as they are. No exceptions. No party divisions. With all of the warts. As MLK Jr said(paraphrase) hate is too heavy a burden.
Now, that may be more than anyone wanted to hear. I loathe the mixing of politics and religion. And the best way to lose a follower–of God, not on my page– in my honest opinion, is to muddle the two.
We are multidimentional beings and we are able to consider things using intellect as well as follow God. You may have heard me say, “Use the brain God gave you,” because that brain and its ability to have empathy and concern and love and to care but also to be practical and logical is an amazing gift to you and to others. Don’t waste it😊 God is where you are. β™₯️
Again, I won’t be mixing politics and religion again hopefully. I just woke up with this on my heart and needed to share. β™₯️

Published by Cheryllmillard

DaughterSisterMotherGrandma trying to find myself before I die. I read. A lot. Hate housework, especially doing dishes. Changed political parties because I finally realized I wasn't a rich white male. Doing my best.

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